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March 20, 2013 Freshening Up Your Inner & Outer Beauty editor Cinya Burton joins Good Morning San Diego to give spring beauty tips. Watch the video »

March 14, 2013 What to Wear and How to Accessorize for the Final Four Editor-in-Chief Ky Henderson weighs in for San Diego 6 in the Morning. Watch the Video »

March 07, 2013 Guys Hate Shopping And These Brands Get It Ethelbert Williams, Head of Marketing for Total Beauty Media Group, weights in for MediaPost's Engage:Men. Access the article »

February 08, 2013 The Most Genius (And Overlooked) 2013 Super Bowl Advertiser CEO Emrah Kovacoglu weighs in for MediaPost's Engage:Men Blog Access the article »

January 15, 2013 Multi-Screen Shopping -- Discovering Beauty in the Digital Age Ethelbert Williams, Head of Marketing, sits down with CPNA. Read the interview »

January 07, 2013 Total Beauty Media Group's 2012 Holiday Shopper Research Featured in Beauty Fashion's "Industry Ear" Access the article »


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